Three Signs that you are Emotionally Mature in your Relationship

Three Signs that you are Emotionally Mature in your Relationship

What is Emotional Maturity? It is the ability to leave childish behaviour behind. Those who are emotionally mature embrace adulthood with ownership, accountability and responsibility for one’s happiness. Emotionally mature people don’t expect, nor do they demand, others to “make them happy.” They see life challenges as lessons to be learned. To them, problems are given to us so that solutions to be uncovered. When problems arise in their relationships, Instead of pointing fingers, they take responsibility. They also offer their collaboration to find a solution that works for all parties.

Consensus is their leitmotiv, not majority, not compromise. Better, they separate the person from their unwanted behaviour. If you are emotionally mature in your relationship, you demonstrate the following behaviours.

You Are Genuinely Caring

One of the causes of conflict in relationships is the desire to be right and in control. When partners focus on their own interests, they miss out on the opportunity to listen with intent. Therefore, they don’t understand the other person. When you choose to be the one that puts love above all things, you allow yourself to be vulnerable. This way, you open yourself to receiving love. In addition, instead of seeking to be right, you offer a genuine safe place for your partner to feel loved as well.

You Trust The Word Of God More Than Anything 

Newspaper articles, magazines, books, and naysayers bring us information which is based on their own filters. Sometimes, they express limiting beliefs and fears. Research is a powerful tool that can be used to show evidence of what one wants to prove. Research is of value and brings us information that shapes our thinking. There is nothing wrong with that. Just remember that research papers and newspaper articles are the reflection of the researcher’s perspective based on his/her beliefs.

For those who believe in God however, we must remember what He says about His plans for us. It is to our advantage to receive His unfailing love and dwell on His faithfulness. When you are anchored in God, you pay close attention to what you read. You also carefully listen with spiritual lenses. The Bible affirms God’s will for you, which may give you the wisdom to make the right decisions. Therefore, when others around you embrace negative thoughts and engage in defeating conversations, you carefully select the beliefs you want to nurture and remain firm in your faith.

As a person who is emotionally mature, you expect God to show up and do according to His promises. When you hear fearful and doubtful words, you are unshaken. Even better, you trust God above all, which allows you to live by faith.

You Learn From Life Situations 

Instead of being a victim in the face of adversity, when you are emotionally mature, you choose to learn and grow from the challenges you encounter. For example, you overcome adversity by rising to higher levels of integrity, commitment and determination. As well, you choose to be happy and to find out what you can learn from the challenges that you’re your way.

People who are emotionally mature do not blame others for the mess they make. Instead, they take responsibility, ask for forgiveness, and move on. They make better decisions, create better relationships, and give themselves another chance. As well, they forgive easily and free themselves from the trap of resentment.

Keep up the Good Work!

As an emotionally mature partner, you have an attitude of gratitude. This means that you recognize blessings as opportunities to spread joy around you. In addition, you set expectations and healthy boundaries that make your relationships a safe place. You also choose your battles and, most importantly, value those around you. Finally, I believe you are an ideal partner for any person who is looking for a long-term relationship that can be fulfilling.

Keep up the Good Work!


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