Foreword of Here’s To You: A collection of love, appreciation and gratitude letters in honour of #Canada150

Foreword of Here’s To You: A collection of love, appreciation and gratitude letters in honour of #Canada150

Gilbert Bécaud, one of the greatest love singers of the past century, used to sing “Love is dead.” A few years later, in honor of Canadian Confederation’s Sesquicentennial, three enthusiasts of love invite us to the celebration of this legacy that defies eras.

The idea of this project is an act of faith.

Faith in humankind, whose mission on Earth is to love. Faith in love, which is an alliance and a gift at the same time. When people give, in some instances, they declare their love. Accepting the gift comes down to embracing the giver of love.

It takes courage and self-confidence to dare ask relatives, friends and strangers to write a love letter to a recipient of their choice and to further relay it! Bravo!

The inestimable value of the letters that make up this collection lies in the ability of the authors, whether novice or experienced, to speak to both the heart and intelligence. Their clarity is amazing and their supreme success is to put within reach all dreams and songs of love, which make the delights of a society that suffers from starvation in this area.

Whether the numerous authors speak to their Creator, a loved one or a secret person, a pleasant scent of innocence and joy emerges from their writings; the joy of an encounter, the joy of a conquest and the serene human joy.

The first letters, addressed to God, introduce love as an intrinsic thirst, or better, as the absolute Inspirer, a pleasure of the heart.

The authors indulge in a kind of complete abandonment, a journey of the soul where they savor quietude and an incomparable joy.

As for the other letters, they are, for the most part, tinted with the desire to immortalize the joy of loving. The words take an unexpected strength, the possibility of a revelation. Readers will hear the whispers of the heart celebrating the triumph of love, which is perceived as a pure and delicious gratuity. Even death, in the loving perspective, is perceived as a step toward the revival of life, one that is believed to be eternal.

Who could have predicted at the outset, that such a project would be achievable or would attain such a resounding success at a time where the fragility of love seems to have reached its peak?

Nevertheless, the project team and the authors of this collection of letters have won their bet to remind all of us that love is alive and well.

Even if it is presented as a source of joy, love has its requirements and can only bloom in altitude.

Serge Cham

Originally from Haiti, Serge Cham has been living in Québec for the past forty years. He built a career in teaching before retiring. He now enjoys life reading, writing and speaking at conferences on education, communication and love relationships. He is the author of seven books, including: Comment être heureux en amour and À l’école de mes élèves.


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