A Golden Celebration

Bea and Ken Rauch have been married for over fifty years. Wow! I admire couples who are committed to one another and to their relationship. Marriage has not been a success story for me yet, but I intend to change that and learn how to chose the person that is right for me and for whom I am an answer to his prayers.

In the meantime, within the context of the #150LoveLetters Project, I received the following letter from Bea, addressed to her dear husband, Ken. The letter is in the book “Here’s to You: A Collection of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude Letters in honor of Canada 150.”

Bea, please know that your letter inspired me. I pray that one day, I can write a similar one to a good man, in honor of our relationship. I hope that many people will be touched and inspired by your letter as well.

So, here it is.


My dearest Ken,

Thank you Ken

It’s been over fifty years since we last exchanged love letters so this one is long past due.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it (William Arthur Ward).

Marriage is not easy and takes work. Over fifty years together! Any way you slice it, that’s a chunk of time.

Thanks for showing me marriage is a two-way street. We have been living out a love adventure with the emphasis on adventure. Thanks for showing me the importance of living in the moment. Thanks for taking me off the beaten track on roads less travelled. But when you’ve wanted to show me places you used to visit in years past, we’ve found time changes things – sometimes a lot! -like “there used to be a lake here!

I love you in so many ways

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love you not only for what you are but also for what I am because you have made me part of your life. I love you for being a great dad and “papa.” I love you because you cheerfully complete my to-do lists.

I love you because you have shown love, respect, trust, understanding, friendship and faith to make our relationship work.

I love you even if your “forgetter” is getting better but your “rememberer” is being broken. Maybe like a computer that struggles as the hard drive gets full, so too, do you take longer to access information because your brain is full. So, you no longer excuse yourself by saying you’re having a senior moment, but that your start disk is full.

You are the one I want

It would be a dull life to be married to someone who never disagreed with me and my sometimes “birdbrained notions.” I love you for keeping our life on an even keel. You have been my stabilizing force and my rock. I just call you “Mr. Fix it.” I’ve always maintained that if you can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed!

You are methodical and organized. You believe that there is a place for everything and, therefore, everything must be in its right place.

Multi tasker?? Well you can eat a cookie and read your book at the same time! It’s too bad you didn’t get a patent for your innovations and designs – we could be rich!

Our love story will never end until death parts us.

Even after that, memories of our love will live on in the lives of those we have touched. I love you today, tomorrow and always. Loving you has been a wonderful way to spend the last fifty years.


Forever yours,

(This is the way I have always signed my love letters)





Retired Haematology Technologist, Bea Rauch also worked seven years as a Travel Consultant. She enjoys retirement, spending her winters in Mexico. She is passionate about cooking and loves to read, write and photograph wildlife—especially tropical birds. Communing with nature and being surrounded by her husband, daughter, son in-law and grandchildren makes life beautiful.

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