Hey God, it’s me again

Bea Rauch is one of the seventy-five Love Letters Writers. She is a retired Haematology Technologist who also worked seven years as a Travel Consultant. She now enjoys retirement, spending her winters in Mexico. She is passionate about cooking and loves to read, write and photograph wildlife—especially tropical birds. Communing with nature and being surrounded by her husband, daughter, son in-law and grandchildren makes life beautiful.

This is one of her letters, addressed to God, in “Here’s To You: a Collection of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude Letters in honor of Canada 150.”

Hey God, it’s me again

In the midst of my busy life, I want to take some time to talk to you from my heart. I am not a great public speaker, so I do better expressing myself on paper.

I sometimes lose sight of the fact that You are all-powerful and all-knowing and instead of leaving things in Your hands, I charge ahead on my own.

I ask for patience but want it “now.”

I am learning ever so slowly that your plan and direction is best.

Help me to place my hand in yours and let you guide me along the path that often is thorny and littered with obstacles. When I fail, you still love me unconditionally and give me a new day to make a fresh start.

Thank you for a blessed life

Thank you for friends and family, who inspire me, challenge me, encourage me and support me. It is hard to find true friends these days but I guess I got lucky. Life is easier when shared.

My heart is full of gratitude that you allowed me to live in the wonderful country of Canada. I am so blessed to enjoy freedom of expression and religion without fearing for my life. My prayer today, dear God, is that you will help us as Canadians to put you first so our nation will be blessed. I ask you to give us leaders who will be strong and stand for right.

God, bless Canada.

You have blessed me with the opportunity to travel. Thank you for friends I have made and the opportunity to minister to the needy. I have found that travel imparts new vigor to the mind, expands my horizon and gives me a deeper appreciation for my country, Canada.

Sometimes I underestimate Your power and my faith is small. You have limitless ability to protect my family and me. For that I am so grateful. When the enemy attacks, you build a wall of protection around us and we are safe. Strong families will make a strong country.

Sometimes I feel so unworthy, but you have blessed my life financially. I am daily loaded with benefits. To God be the glory. I am undeserving and humbled in your awesome presence. Give me a passion for those less fortunate and a heart to listen. Make me a vessel you can use to make the world a better place.

Thank you for Jesus

Most of all I am thankful for Your sacrifice on Calvary. The stripes you bore were for my healing. At Calvary, the plan of Redemption was initiated. The blood that was shed still cleanses my sins and I can experience the forgiveness you promised. Forgiveness has transformed anger and hurt into healing and peace.

The plan still works.

Thank you for the gift of Salvation and for giving me a hope beyond this world. And so, until we next speak, or meet around the Throne, I am one of the King’s Kids.



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