Here’s To You: The #150LoveLetters Writers

Toast to Canada and the #150LoveLetters Writers

This collection is dedicated to Canada. We love you Canada and are proud to be citizens of such a blessed, welcoming and distinguished nation. Here’s to You Canada!

Here’s to You Writers and Recipients of the #150LoveLetters.

We want to thank God for inspiring all of us with love so that this book could come to life as our collective legacy to Canada.

We also want to thank all the amazing authors, the Love Letters Writers, who made this project a success. You said « Yes! » when you were called upon to make a difference. We would not have been able to write this book without the loving and generous contribution of the Love Letters writers.

Love is not simply a feeling.

It is a decision to be made every day and that life asks us to confirm every time we meet other people and during every single conversation we step into. Love is not so complex that it becomes unreachable, because it manifests in the simplicity of actions and spoken words, which let others know that they are important to us. We may speak of love for sure, but it is better to live it daily by showing people how much you love them in addition to telling them.

So, we invite you to continue to show people in your life – including yourself – how much you want them to be in your life, and to write it to them as often as you can.

In the meantime, stay blessed.

With love, appreciation and gratitude. Here’s to all of you!

  1. Aichatou Touré
  2. Alain Faubert
  3. Alexis Konan
  4. Alioune Kane
  5. Alisson Minga
  6. André B.
  7. Anita Kane
  8. Annie-Josiane Sessou
  9. Aminata Cissé
  10. Arminda Serpa
  11. Bea Rauch
  12. Béatrice Tagro
  13. Bertillia Christian
  14. Cécile Gauthier
  15. Christina Maluma
  16. Conor Martin
  17. Damaris Dubourg
  18. Dan Vivian
  19. Dany Christian Guardado
  20. Denise Lacerte
  21. Diva Etienne
  22. Don Osborne
  23. Eira Jones
  24. Evelyne Fortran
  25. Éric Sun
  26. Fleur de mai Courchesnes
  27. Francesca G.
  28. François-Xavier Simard
  29. Gabriella H.
  30. Gaëlle Bekolo
  31. Georges John
  32. Gilles G.
  33. Guerda Chervin
  34. Hervé Somé
  35. Helena Lalonde
  36. Jacquie Knight
  37. Jocelyne Bourdon Sarrazin
  38. Joelle Masha
  39. Jon Paquet
  40. Kaleigh J. Martin
  41. Karine Bassette (Mlle Parker)
  42. Karen Ball
  43. Lucie Caron
  44. Lorena Martin
  45. Marie Claude Sangaret
  46. Marie-Léontine Tsibinda
  47. Marie Paule
  48. Mariama Koné
  49. Mélinda Oba
  50. Michel Boucher
  51. Nabou Diagne
  52. Nael Kane
  53. Naomi Bambara
  54. Natacha Paul
  55. NormaLee Nelson
  56. Olivier Bédard
  57. Olga Benczyk
  58. Paula Alphonse
  59. Pierreline Jean
  60. Positive Brittany
  61. Racine Kane
  62. Regina Thompson
  63. Rose Parsoo
  64. Rosie Jeon
  65. Roxanne Affinito
  66. Ruth Vaudreuil
  67. Serge Cham
  68. Salvador Barrios
  69. Sally Gabbour
  70. Silvia Irina Marshall
  71. Sylvia O. Senior
  72. Tatiana Nolent
  73. Valérie Masumbuko
  74. Vanille Française
  75. Yaëlle Dubois

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